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Safeguard your home thoroughly and open up the possibilities
of automation.

Stay Connected and Protected​

Smart Security builds on Simple Security with enhanced automation and safety
features that you can access on your smartphone, tablet or PC. While the 24/7
monitoring helps keep you protected, text and email notifications keep you
connected. Your devices and security system are connected and easily accessed
in the Digital Life app, ensuring your home - and everything in it - stays safe.

Is Digital Life Available In My Neighborhood?

Smart Security includes these devices for a
one-time fee:

The 24/7 protection and remote access you get with Simple Security
24/7 professional monitoring provides a quick response to alerts to help keep your family and home safe and secure.
Your Digital Life Controller comes with a 24-hour battery backup so that in the event of a power outage the system continues to monitor the security of your home.
Enjoy the ability to arm and disarm your AT&T Digital life system through your smartphone, tablet or PC.
The keypad is your in-home tool for arming and disarming the system. It can even tell you if any sensor has a low battery or has an error.
Our internal siren will alert you and others in your home of an emergency.
Recommended for all ground-level entry points, these sensors discreetly attach to doors and windows and can also be used to protect off-limit areas of your home.
Plus, more devices, automation capabilities and remote control.
Our smoke sensor detects smoke within a room and will sound an alarm that will let the monitoring center know to send emergency services if necessary.
Detects if a pane of glass is shattered or broken, sounds an alarm and alerts the monitoring center.
This sensor helps monitor the CO levels in your home and alerts you and our monitoring center of dangerous levels so emergency services can be dispatched if necessary.
Motion sensors help detect movement in rooms, hallways and on stairs.