Digital Life offers two levels of security: Smart Security &
Simple Security, plus a range of automation add-ons for Smart Security
Our Most Comprehensive Remote Security Package

Smart Security

Smart Security offers more than interactive security. It builds on Simple Security with enhanced automation and safety features that you can access on a web-enabled device.While the 24-hour monitoring keeps you protected,text and email notifications keep you connected.Your devices and security system are connected on one panel, ensuring your home-and everything in it-stays safe.
Smart Security Includes:
The 24/7 protection and remote access you get with Simple Security.
24/7 Monitoring
24-Hour Battery Backup
Smart Phone Accessible
Keychain Remote
Indoor Siren
Contact Sensors
Plus, more devices, automation capabilities and remote control.
Smoke Sensor
Glass Break Sensor
Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Motion Sensor
Package starts at:
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Smart Security has everything you need to monitor and access your home's security system from your computer, smartphone or tablet. See the status of your home's security, receive text and video alerts
of events at home, arm or disarm your alarm, and monitor doors, windows and motion sensors.

Remote Security at
Your Command

Simple Security

Simple Security is an economical package if you want some backup for your home and
family's safety – but you only want the bare essentials. With 24/7 monitoring and high-tech
sensors and alarms, you can rest assured that you've made a good investment toward
safeguarding the things that matter most.
Simple Security Includes:
Get essential security protection and remote access.
24/7 Monitoring
24-Hour Battery Backup
Smart Phone Accessible
Keychain Remote
Indoor Siren
Contact Sensors
Package starts at:
Simple Security is remote security for peace of mind on a budget. Simple Security includes door and window sensors, a wireless keypad, indoor siren and a keychain remote for on-the-go control.

Smart Security Add-On Solutions:
Beyond Home Security to Home Automation​

In addition to monitoring water conditions, and being immediately
notified if water is pres-
ent, you can add water control to remotely shut
off water mains when needed.
Don’t waste energy! Remotely adjust tem-
perature on the way
home, turn lights on and
off remotely.
Wondering if you locked the door before you left? Check from your com-
puter, smartphone, or tablet. Let the kids in remotely if they forget
their keys.
Check in on pets while at work. Confirm a package delivery. See the kids
get inside safely after
school. Video is the first step to total home security.