Digital Life is a smart home security service that you can use remotely with an app on your smartphone.

Digital Life offers devices for home security and home automation. Digital Life’s home automation offers remote control of tasks like locking your doors, turning on lights and more. You can also set up and receive alerts based on activity happening in your home.

Check availability and see if you can get Digital Life where you live. If your area isn’t covered, check back soon. We are constantly expanding our Digital Life network.

AT&T Digital Life is adaptable to what best fits your needs. Select a security package and then add any other packages and devices that you need for your home.

If you move, we will work with you to find a Digital Life solution that works best in your new home. As long as your new address is eligible for service, we’ll set up your system up in your new home.

Home automation allows you to control things in your home using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

You may be able to re-use some door and window sensors with your Digital Life system.  The Digital Life technician will be able to decide which sensors can be re-used.

You will be notified in the event of an emergency. The monitoring agent will alert the emergency responders as well.

If you do not answer during an alarm, the center will call your emergency contact. If the emergency contact does not answer, the center will send help.

All monitoring is provided by two Digital Life centers.

Yes. Each of our packages includes security. The different plans include various automation features, and you can add on more devices as needed.

AT&T Digital Life works with any high-speed Internet provider.

No. An authorized AT&T Digital Life technician will install your Digital Life system. Your initial standard installation is included at no additional cost.

Install time varies based on the packages and devices you’ve ordered.

Please log in and choose your Digital Life User ID and password.

•       During this process, you may be asked to update your Internet browser to the most current version.

•       Once logged in, finish the registration process by reading and accepting the “Terms & Conditions”. It is important that this is completed prior to your appointment.

After installation you’ll be able to access the Digital Life app.

You should test your home security system at least once a month to make sure that it is working and communicating properly.

Yes. You can set up permissions and unique PIN codes that let others have access to your system. You can also set access and restriction levels for different activities. For example, your kids might only be able to unlock doors using their PIN or disarm the security system.

You can access your Digital Life system with your smartphone, tablet or computer as long as you have an Internet connection. The Digital Life App is available for iOS, Android & Windows. You can also access the system through these browsers: IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Video cameras only use your internet when a certain event occurs, or when you log in to see live video. Any effect on your broadband system is expected to be minimal.

If you have pets under 35 pounds, you can adjust your motion sensors accordingly.

Yes. Our alarm systems are designed with a standby battery that will operate your alarm during a power failure. This backup is designed to provide power for 24 continuous hours.

If you have any problems, our experienced customer service representatives are always available to help. Chat online, visit our online support center, or call.

Yes. You can purchase additional devices at any time. You can shop online or call.

Please review the returns and early termination policy for details. We hope that you’ll allow us to assist you with any concerns you have about your system or service by contacting us.

Yes. We are committed to providing you with the best equipment, and we will repair or replace equipment purchased from AT&T that fails.  Please refer to the Complete Protection section of the Digital Life Customer Agreement & Summary to review the terms and conditions of your product warranty.

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